Laurinda Abreu

Laurinda Abreu is Professor at Évora University, Portugal. She is director at the Évora University of the Erasmus Mundus PhD, PhoenixJDP – Dynamics of Health and Welfare. She was the coordinator (2001– 2009) of the Phoenix TN – European Thematic Network on Health and Social Welfare Policy. She was President (2011-2013) of the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health. Her recent publications include: Abreu, Laurinda; Sheard, Sally (eds), Hospital Life. Theory and Practice from the Medieval to the Modern, Bern,Peter Lang, 2013; Abreu, Laurinda, Pina Manique: um reformador no Portugal das Luzes, Lisboa, Gradiva, 2013. Her book on the Portuguese poor relief and health care in the early modern period is forthcoming.