Pere Salas

Pere Salas, PhD in History with a research thesis on Local power structures at rural Mallorca (1855-1898) (UIB; 1995)

  • From 1997 onwards Lecturer in Modern History at the History Department of the University of the Balearic Islands, where he is teaching on European Modern History (19th Century), World History (20th century), and European Population History (18th-20th)
  • He did participated at several research projects (Spanish National Research Council), mainly on Public Health policies and Demography. Actually he is running the project Health reform and local administration in a spanish urban context, Palma de Mallorca, 1855-1923.He did publish several articles on that subject at Spanish academic Journals (Revista Demografía Histórica, Historia Social, Hispania…); he is specially concern on Health sanitary cordons and quarantines along 19th. Century Spain.
  • His main research concerns are: Influence of Spanish Liberal State (1812-1936) on rural communities, specially from a Public Health perspective; and the main features of the construction of Local power in Spain along the same period.